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CLIMATE OF GUILT: Admission & Extinction

How To Apply:

Deadline: Received By Wed Feb 05, 2020 

Materials Required

Please send an email with your audition materials to with the subject line, “OTO Audition”. 

In your email, please include the following:

  • Your name and voice type;
  • The date you would like to audition, or no preference;
  • An updated resume (pdf only) and headshot (jpg only) as attachments

*Saturday auditions will be in the evening only. Sunday auditions will be in ther afternoon.  

Audition Location and Date

Portland, OR USA: Sat 8th Feb 2020 – Sun 9th Feb 2020

Audition Requirements

Please prepare three selections for your audition.

1. An aria from ANY time period, in ANY language

  • We want to hear you at your best! Please start with the aria that you feel best represents your artistry. 

2. An ENGLISH song or aria from ANY time period

You are welcome to prepare as many additional selections as you would like, but they are not required. 

Pianist Provided: Yes. May bring own. Please bring $10 for the pianist if you plan on using the one provided. 

Location: Portland, OR USA

Opera Theater Oregon presents Climate of Guilt: Admissions and Extinction. Performances are on April 24th and 25th, 2020 at First Christian Church. The production will feature the West Coast premiere of a new chamber opera by Michael Lanci, as well as a workshop performance of a new opera by Justin Ralls, which is scheduled to premiere in 2021, fully staged with orchestra. 

We are holding auditions for the following roles: 
Admissions: A short Chamber Opera (2020)
Music by Michael Lanci  Libretto by Kim Davies

Daughter –  Soprano (D♭4 – B♭5)
Mother – Mezzo-soprano (A3 – F#5)
Son – Tenor (mainly G#3 – A4)
Father – Bass-baritone (A2 – F#4)

From the composer and librettist:
They’re the perfect American family: Mother, a TV star… Father, a business tycoon… their kids on track to go to the best colleges. But one night Mother and Father come home and have to explain to their kids that there’s been a little misunderstanding, maybe a little money laundering, maybe an indictment. And suddenly their plans aren’t quite so on-track after all…


Song of the Most Beautiful Bird in the Forest
Music and Libretto by Justin Ralls

The Daughter – Soprano (E♭4 – C6)
The Father – Bass-baritone or baritone (A♭2 – F4; this role sits mainly between C3 and C4)
She Who Sings From The Heart – Mezzo soprano (C4 – F5)
The Storyteller/The Owl Spirit – Tenor (E3 – A4)  

From the composer:
Song of the Most Beautiful Bird in the Forest, inspired by an Mbuti legend and composed under the guidance of Dagomba master drummer and dancer Dr. Habib Idrisu, is a synthesis of music and dance reimagined as a contemporary chamber opera with an English libretto. It is a coming of age story of a young girl with magical powers who finds her song amidst war and environmental degradation. The work addresses the capacity of humanity to restore its connection with the natural world in the midst of the climate crisis and the Earth’s sixth mass extinction.   

In Opera Theater Oregon’s upcoming semi-staged production, SMBBF will be presented to audiences for the first time in an abridged concert version. This performance will serve as the first public workshop of the opera. 

Program Dates

April 01, 2020 – April 25, 2020


Payment is provided

Payment is commensurate of experience. All contracts will be negotiated individually. Housing and travel stipends will not be provided, and each cast member will be responsible for their own housing, travel, and commuting costs during the production period.