April 24 & 25, 2020

Featuring a West Coast premiere of a short one act comedic opera by Michael LanciAdmissions: They’re the perfect American family: Mother, a TV star…Father, a business tycoon…their kids on track to go to the best colleges. But one night Mother and Father come home and have to explain to their kids that there’s been a little misunderstanding, maybe a little money laundering, maybe an indictment. And suddenly their plans aren’t quite so on-track after all…

And a first reading with staging of Justin Ralls newest opera Song of The Most Beautiful Bird in the Forest: Song of the Most Beautiful Bird in the Forest, inspired by an Mbuti legend and composed under the guidance of Dagomba master drummer and dancer Dr. Habib Idrisu, is a synthesis of music and dance reimagined as a contemporary chamber opera with an English libretto. It is a coming of age story of a young girl with magical powers who finds her song amidst war and environmental degradation. The work addresses the capacity of humanity to restore its connection with the natural world in the midst of the climate crisis and the Earth’s sixth mass extinction.

April 24, 25 / 2020 at Portland First Christian Church in the Southwest Park Blocks